Young Persons

You might think that doctors" surgeries are not really a place that teenagers want to visit too often, but even if you aren’t ill you never know when you might want some advice or information about your health. Leicester Terrace is a “teenage friendly” surgery.

Nurses and doctors are happy to see young people and discuss their concerns in confidence.

All the staff at the surgery take confidentiality very seriously, no matter what age our patients are.

“Do I have to tell anyone what my appointment is for?”

You do not have to tell the receptionist what you need an appointment for. You might be asked if you could see the nurse instead of the doctor, but you can choose. You can choose a female doctor if one is available.

“What if I need an appointment now?”

If you need emergency contraception then ask for an urgent appointment today. You do not have to say why you need it, not if you don’t want to. You can see a doctor or a nurse without your parents/guardian or care worker if that is what you would prefer.

“Will you tell anyone that I have been here?”

Even if you are under 16 nothing will be said to anyone, including parents, care workers or teachers, without your permission. The only time we would pass on information is if we think we need to protect you or someone else from serious harm. We will always try to talk this through with you first.

“What if someone sees me here?”

Well, what if they do … everyone needs to go to the doctors sometimes … maybe you had a sore throat or earache. No one can find out why you are here.